Made in Italy

Getroplast follows closely all stages of its production, with particular attention to detailing and quality of raw materials.

Extruded gaskets Made in Italy

Getroplast is synonymous stands for gaskets and plastic materials which are Made in Italy.

The flagship of the extruded gaskets, signed Getroplast, is the Italian character of the company
The production of gaskets for windows and doors in Getroplast is the result of a production process, which is 100% Made in Italy. It originates from the same headquarters, which is in Chiaravalle, in the area of the main connecting facilities such as the A14 motorway, the Airport of Ancona “Raffaello Sanzio”, and the Port of Ancona.
Made in Italy for Getroplast is a conscious choice, it is synonymous with a long-standing tradition and a set of values ​​that are the basis of your way of working, in an increasingly international contest.

The handcraft of our extruded gaskets

For Getroplast the word handcraft means efficiency and innovation in the extruded gaskets industry

The choice to follow internally the whole production process of extruded gaskets, while it retains a strong handicraft component and allows Getroplast not only to be effective at delivery times on the most popular products on the market, but above all Getroplast can offer tailor-made and personalised solutions for every customer. Getroplast is different by virtue of the ability to respond to specific needs and demands, through a real "4 hands" work, which is carried out in collaboration with the customer, who can avail himself of the expertise and the training of a qualified professional staff.

A production process where the details make the difference

Our extruded gaskets are not only Italian, but they still retain the characteristics of craftsmanship and Made in Italy, which is synonymous with detail care, superior quality, unique and sophisticated design. Know-how and constant training make Gestroplast a company where the product is the fruit of a culture and a constantly evolving experience, which is able to renew itself day by day through ever-new solutions. The introduction of the new laser marking service, in fact, is one of the examples that confirms the will of the company to offer its customers, unique extruded gaskets.
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