Getroplast: our company

Over 40 years we assure you experience and know-how in the production of gaskets for windows and doors.

We are specialised in the production of gaskets for windows and doors

Getroplast is specialised in the production of gaskets for windows and doors in the wood and aluminium sector. It is distinguished in plastic processing for a strong know-how and the ability to offer 100% customized solutions.

Our in “house” production of gaskets for windows and doors

Getroplast production of gaskets for windows and doors is realised internally and utilises modern industrial technologies, which use technologically advanced design, processing and control systems, supply high quality finished products. A guarantee for Getroplast customers that is synonymous with reliability, security and customized solutions, which are tailor-made and they can meet the most demanding needs.

Getroplast gaskets for windows and doors start from raw materials

It is not just the know-how and the internal production that distinguishes Getroplast in the manufacture of windows and doors gaskets, but also the use of raw materials with high quality standards. The choice of raw materials in Getroplast is a fundamental aspect and it allows the company, which operates in the extruded gasket industry, to offer the best gaskets for windows and doors with fast and efficient delivery times.

Materials used for the production of plastic gaskets

PVC gaskets

polyvinyl chloride, used in many areas and appreciated for its mechanical properties

TPE gaskets

a mixture of thermoplastic elastomers with characteristics that are similar to rubbers and plastics

TPV gaskets

vulcanized thermoplastic elastomers, a plastic-elastomeric alloy with a high performance and an ease of processing

EPDM gaskets

high quality synthetic rubber, characterized by strong resistance to aging and specific agents

Choose Getroplast: your gaskets for doors and windows

In our method there is the production and even beyond

Not only production, but above all we listen to the needs of our customers in the choice of doors and windows gaskets. Our professional technical staff follows a precise working method and collaborates with our customers, a proven "4 hands" approach over time that returns the desired result each time and contributes to the growth of our company. We follow our customers by providing them total, full and dedicated support, which begins when we get the preliminary information to find the type of product required up to the time of delivery, and after sales service. Our product catalogue presents a number of possible solutions which have been consolidated and demanded on the market for years, and it provides the basis for many alternative project hypotheses. We offer our consultancy to determine the degree of feasibility and to reach the desired outcome.

The innovation signed by Getroplast: markings for your gaskets

Innovation and personalization characterised the production of extruded gasket Getroplast: the new laser marking system makes it possible to make its gaskets traceable thanks to the engraving system which can be obtained by laser system. A long-lasting service that allows our customers to stand out from the competition and boost their visibility on the market.
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