Thermoplastic elastomers are widely used, thanks to its features, which are similar to plastics and rubbers

Thermoplastic elastomers for the realisation of gaskets for windows and doors in TPE

Thermoplastic elastomers are among the materials used by Getroplast to produce windows and doors gaskets in TPE. Their use stems from the fact that they are relatively easy to use in production processes, thanks to the presence of similar characteristics which regard plastics and rubbers and consequently the ability to return the typical benefits of both.

The characteristics of thermoplastic elastomers

Thermoplastic elastomers, as the word suggests, unlike thermosetting elastomers, have high elastic properties. Contrarily of other elastomers, they can be easily colored and recycled, thanks to extrusion and reuse, as is the case of plastic. Thermoplastic elastomers has also the ability to assume any desired shape through the most common plastics processing processes, such as extrusion.

Why choose a TPE gasket


TPE have features that make them utilizable in a wide range of temperatures.


They have high elasticity as opposed to thermosetting elastomers.


TPE distinguish themselves for an excellent level of weather and oils resistance.

The application fields of thermoplastic elastomers worked by Getroplast

The application fields of thermoplastic elastomers worked by Getroplast

The choice of windows and doors gaskets, which are made using thermoplastic elastomers, is certainly effective if conventional elastomers cannot offer a product with the desired characteristics.
One of the most used application for thermoplastic elastomers is definitely the automotive and appliances.
In addition to that, the typical properties of thermoplastic elastomers are also recommended for inner lining and insulation of electrical wirings or headphone cables, as well as in many other application areas.
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