Polyvinyl chloride has mechanical properties which make it suitable for several uses.

Polyvinyl chloride and gaskets for PVC doors and windows

Polyvinyl chloride is an extremely well-known material for the manufacture of doors and windows gaskets and it is used in many industries. PVC is the polymer of vinyl chloride, the most important polymer of the series obtained from vinyl monomer. It is particularly appreciated for its mechanical properties, which may vary depending on the insertion of other materials that modify its use, making it suitable for multiple situations.

The characteristics of polyvinyl chloride

Polyvinyl chloride is a plastic material with excellent rigidity, hardness and particular resistance to both chemical agents, weather and UV rays. Its strength is also appreciated in contact with saline and alkaline solutions, acids, solvents, gasoline, greases and oils. In this regard, it is good to know that polyvinyl chloride does not offer substance-resistance such as chlorinated hydrocarbons, polar solvents, aromatic hydrocarbon, benzene, liquid halogens, concentrated sulphuric acid and concentrated nitric acid. Moreover, polyvinyl chloride does not absorb water and from the physiological point of view it offers the possibility of being employed in the food and medicine sectors. PVC is one of the main plastic materials, because it can be blended with inorganic products and plasticizers that make it flexible and malleable, and this fact expands the possibilities of use. It is stable and safe in technological applications at ambient temperatures and, it is good to keep in mind that polyvinyl chloride becomes dangerous if you burn or heat it at high temperatures. As matter of fact, it can release hydrochloric acid, dioxin or vinyl chloride monomer because of the presence of chlorine.

Why should you choose a PVC gasket


Polyvinyl chloride resists to chemical agents, weather and UV rays.

Water repellent function

PVC does not absorb water and therefore its use can prove to be very effective.


Polyvinyl chloride can be mixed with products that make it flexible and malleable.

Polyvinyl chloride in Getroplast as extruded plastic material

Polyvinyl chloride in Getroplast as extruded plastic material

The plastics extrusion process in Getroplast, which generates plastics deformation, makes important the role of polyvinyl chloride, and this process allows the production of constant section “pieces”, such as tubes, bars and plastic profiles of various types for the most varied uses, especially related to the world of doors and windows gaskets for the aluminium and wood sectors.
Thanks to the extrusion process it is possible to have a production, that transforms polyvinyl chloride, giving it various shapes, even extremely complex, because of its dimensional stability.
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