In the manufacturing of gaskets for doors and windows frames we use only the highest quality materials, offering the best product for every need.

The high quality of the raw material and the extrusion process of plastics

Getroplast works in the field of extrusion of plastics by choosing only high quality materials that are distinguished by their value in terms of invoice, durability and and resistance over time. The customer, who chooses Getroplast, chooses also a reliable raw material that creates sure gaskets for doors and windows frames, stemming from a productive process studied and cared in details.

Extrusion of plastics in Getroplast

Getroplast, in order to produce gaskets for doors and windows frames, undergoes extrusion process of different plastics, and it guarantees an optimal result, thanks to the know-how gained in 40 years of experience.


We offer doors and windows in polyvinyl chloride (PVC), an extremely well-known material used in many industries.
PVC is the vinyl chloride polymer, one of the most widely plastics used in the world, it needs room temperature and it is considered stable and safe.
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TPE gaskets are known for their physical-mechanical properties such as high abrasion resistance, elasticity even at low temperatures and the resistance to oils, greases, fuel, microbes and UV rays.
They are the ideal solution if conventional elastomers cannot offer the range of physical properties needed for the product and for this reason they are used more in automotive, appliance and health sectors.
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TPV gaskets derive from the extrusion process of vulcanized thermoplastic elastomers, a material notable for high electrical insulation, flexibility and aging resistance.
It is completely recyclable and can be used in automotive, construction, appliances, utensils, electrical sectors.
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